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Getting involved

We know that before you get involved you'll have lots of questions. Here's what we recommend.

Joining the group

Once you've taken the steps above, we hope you'll be interested in joining us. Membership in Iowa City Cohousing entitles you to participate in decisions about the governance of the community.  We use sociocracy and make decisions by consent to ensure every member has a voice.

Membership requirements

  • Each adult member agrees to attend membership meetings regularly and serve on one or more committees or work circles. A list of our current committees is available here.
  • Each household pays an application fee of $100 and then, upon completion of the application process, pays a membership fee of $900. Both fees are nonrefundable. Note: If you anticipate this fee will be barrier to your involvement, talk to one of the Board of Managers about possibilities. We have a limited amount of assistance that could be provided.

How to join

For information on becoming a member, see Applying for membership.

Consider investing in Iowa City Cohousing

We have a group of loyal supporters who strongly believe in the concept of cohousing. Though they are not planning to live at Prairie Hill, they are still interested in helping us complete construction of the community. These folks, our "Class G" members, have invested funds that helped us buy our land and defray some of our construction costs. They earn three percent annual return on their membership shares. These investments are not FDIC-insured. Class G members do not go through the membership process or pay the membership fees. If you're interested in supporting Iowa City Cohousing in this way we would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about it. Please contact us at